StreetWorkout.Pro – History


SWPRO was created in the process of natural evolution Street Workout the social movement that spontaneously developed the efforts of enthusiasts around the world, an international organization of mass sport, based on the principles of PROfessional approach to the management and project management.


SWPRO is the product of a logical development Street Workout as essence. This means that our main goal for the mass popularization of healthy way of life has remained unchanged, changed approach. It became a PROfessional .


And our values ​​have remained immutable: health and sport, family and children, mutual assistance and selflessness, focus on results and deeds, not fine words. This is the case when the business and serves as a complement to the common cause, and not covered by good intentions.


We began to build the team. Involve experts in various areas: coaching, marketing, finance, law, accounting, human resource management, medicine , nutrition , sports and many others. This gave the opportunity for a fresh look at all the processes within the movement and put them to a qualitatively new level.


We have created a brand «SWPRO», ​​which has a marketing appeal of the market and thus allows to produce goods and services under its own brand. And thus we are given the opportunity to withdraw the motion Street Workout to self-sufficiency and become independent from the whims of sponsors, patrons and politicians. Moreover, we gave participants the opportunity to build its own motion the business without interruption from your favorite things in partnership with the brand «SWPRO».


Project management , management, event organization , external communications through the media and social networks - we derive all of these things to a new professional level.


This approach gave a qualitative leap in all aspects of Street Workout


We created sub- projects, such as:

- Online institute " Workout Academy " which allows young guys and girls from different countries to get education in various fields of human life by practitioners ;

- Charitable Foundation "Healthy Generation" , which aims to attract competent and resource allocation , development and management of fundraising projects delicious hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world ;


Hundreds of events have been held at various levels : from the lectures in schools and universities , business conferences , regional championships and festivals , and ending with the World Cup in the 75 countries participating in Astana.


There have been agreements on joint cooperation with sports stars and singers , public figures and philanthropists , foundations and civil society organizations.


It was introduced certification and training program for laid - street workout trainers.


SWPRO not simply became to unite hundreds of thousands of young people on the horizontal bar and parallel bars . He created a massive crater on attracting people from various areas of sports, business , science, and who are not indifferent to the fate of future generations . Who are ready to apply their knowledge and efforts for a common mission.


StreetWorkout.Pro - Our Mission


Our mission - physical, moral, spiritual and intellectual development of the world's population .


We strive to create a society in which will be " fashionable " does not drink or smoke , develop your mind and body , to respect the people around them , to practice family values ​​. The Company , which built on the principles of harmony with the environment.


A generation of people able to love and to dream, to live without anger and hatred, intractable to set goals and achieve them.


StreetWorkout.Pro - Our goals


- Viral spread the ideology of a healthy lifestyle among young people.

- Free sports activities for children and adults .


- Unite different sports and trends in the name of a single mission.


- Self- software movement and its supporters.


- Formation of an international network of social leaders and sports managers .


- Street workout Academy as an innovative education system