Registration into the project is only by invitation.
Contact your mentor/ leader to get an invitation.


If you have no one to get an invitation from:
ask your questions at -
или обращайтесь на ящик:



Stage № 1 – Fill in your personal details.


Stage № 2 – E-mail confirmation. To do that you need to follow a link that came in the letter.


Stage № 3 – Choosing a pack that you would like to enter with: Partner or Manager.



Stage № 4 – Choosing products in accordance with chosen pack on stage 3.



Stage № 5 – Button "Further" will appear only after you have chosen the amount of products which corresponds with your pack (45 CV for Partner and 200 CV for Manager).



Stage № 6 – Entering details required for delivering products.


Stage № 7 – Choice of payment


Stage № 8 – Sum confirmation and payment


Stage № 9 – Payment